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Bericht von úber Next topmodel Sendung

am Mo 25 Mai 2009 - 8:27
a-ha on 'Germany's Next Top Model'

Last Thursday, on the German holiday of Christi Himmelfahrt, a-ha performed their new single "Foot of the mountain" for the first time on German television.
The setting was the final show of "Germany's next top model" by Heidi Klum, which was presented in the biggest location so far, in the LANXESS Arena in Cologne. The Arena was packed with 15.000 visitors, who were all interested in seeing the next Top Model, chosen out of 21.000 girls - the show seems to be the most popular television show these days. 4.61 million people watched the show live on television.
The crowded arena before the show.
We received this report from Monika Hein who was there:
"The whole area in front of the LANXESS ARENA in Cologne is crowded. Everywhere you look there are young girls, sometimes even with their moms, all of them dressed up as if the three final candidates haven't already been chosen, and that there is still a chance of being recognized as the next top model, or at least within the next years.
Not many women are at the age of an a-ha fan, supposedly most of the young girls haven't even heard their name.

In front of the Arena they sell food - model's food we assume - french fries, pizza, sausage, pasta, pop corn and beer, Coca Cola and such. There are promotions for cosmetics, mineral water and Sony Ericsson.
All the fans are excited to find out who will win the contest - out of 21.000 girls the jury around Heidi Klum has picked three young girls: Sara, the ethiopian girl; Mandy, the blond girl aged 16; and Marie, who reminds a bit of Brooke Shields.
And in the middle of all that a-ha will perform their new single "Foot of the mountain."
The Arena is packed, 15.000 people in there. The mood is great, everybody kindly applauds to anything that happens on the stage/catwalk.
Heidi Klum is nervous like never before.
Every few minutes there is a break for adverts, the show keeps stopping and starting again. Now, after the first challenge for the girls (to present dessous on the catwalk, after flying onto the stage, and then presenting a little movie about one of their colleagues), the jury decides who is going to leave the three, and to gain some time for this, a-ha are playing, Heidi Klum announces them nicely.
A big disappointment for those who have travelled to Cologne to see them live - the guys stand in boxes, "like bulls," as Morten claims in an interview later. The boxes are so low that their hair touches the roof inside. The three of them are separately in a box each, and Morten even dances a little bit like in the early times.
They claim they had a good view, but that they were too far away from the contestants.
They get a big round of applause by the audience.
The song was presented in a very good surrounding, reaching many people of different ages. After the show, the ticket sales for the german gigs went up, which is a good sign for the successful world premier of the single."
There are more pictures from the performance on GettyImages, and you can also see two pictures from the band rehearsals here and here.

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Re: Bericht von úber Next topmodel Sendung

am Mo 25 Mai 2009 - 17:17
ach die meisten zuschauer waren doch nur wegen aha :-)

Re: Bericht von úber Next topmodel Sendung

am Di 26 Mai 2009 - 20:31
*ggg* vol deiner Meinung . denn der kleien fanclub von den Models war ja wohl nichts

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Re: Bericht von úber Next topmodel Sendung

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